January 2024 – December 2025

By focusing on building capacity for climate change adaptation, this project addresses the urgent need to improve construction interventions on existing buildings and adapt them to future climate needs. Through a trans-disciplinary approach, the project aims to enhance construction work on existing buildings, particularly in the areas of energy and water, which present major climate adaptation challenges. The project will develop a global geo-referenced database to inform location-based feedback, combining construction choices, operational needs, and climate data. Additionally, a digital tool will be created to support and monitor the implementation of climate adaptation knowledge by local staff, ultimately promoting adaptive and resilient habitats.

Expected Impact: Enabling the ICRC’s construction activities to increase resilience and adaptation to climate change

ETH PI: Prof. Guillaume Habert (Sustainable Construction)

ETH Group: Hager Al Laham & Dr. Giulia Celentano (Chair for Sustainable Construction), Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister (Ecological Systems Design Group), Dr Alina Galimshina (Architecture and Building Systems Group)

ICRC: Pavlos Tamvakis (Water and Habitat Unit), Kathrine Vad (Environment and Climate Change Adviser), Francois Thuot (Premises Head of Sector)

Photo: ICRC

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