The ICRC continues to work with two Swiss universities, EPFL and ETH Zurich, on the application of academic research projects as part of a wider Engineering Humanitarian Action (EHA) initiative. Research projects deemed successful will now move forward to a new stage for further testing and development within the ICRC. This new phase puts research projects to the test in a real-world humanitarian setting and ensures that any innovative and sustainable solutions will meet the expectations. The ICRC will then support the development, incubation, distribution and subsequent scaling of any technical solutions as part of its own operations or with other humanitarian organizations.

For further insights into this work stream and any inquiries regarding the application process for its grant, we encourage you to reach out directly to the ICRC coordination team members. They will be pleased to assist and address any questions you may have.

Copyright/ ABDIKARIM, MOHAMED/ 30.08.2023/ Caption: Las Anod. Numerous buildings were damaged during the recent escalation of hostilities./ V-P-SO-E-01020

Members of the selection committee for Implementation and Testing (Stream II):

  • Christian Lenz, Head of Innovation (ICRC)
  • Benjamin Durieux, Chief Information Officer (ICRC)
  • Pablo Percelsi, Deputy Regional Director (ICRC)
  • Guillaume Pierrehumbert, Head of Water & Habitat Unit (ICRC)
  • Adina Rom (ETHZ)
  • Gregoire Castella (EPFL)