EPFL, ETH Zurich and the ICRC team up to bolster humanitarian action

The Engineering for Humanitarian Action initiative, officially launched on 10 December 2020, harnesses the expertise of Switzerland’s two federal institutes of technology to benefit humanitarian programmes. The effort will focus on the areas of energy and the environment, data sciences and digital technologies, and personalised health and related technologies.

Our new initiative with ETH Zurich and the ICRC gives our work added meaning because we know what we do will have a concrete, positive impact on people’s daily lives.

Martin Vetterli, EPFL President (source)

copyright: Catherine Leutenegger/EPFL

The potential of digital technologies to support humanitarian action is still largely untapped. In this partnership with the EPFL and the ICRC, we combine our expertise for those who are affected worldwide from conflicts.

Joël Mesot, ETH Zurich President 

copyright: Markus Bertschi/ETHZ

Fast advances in science and technology offer huge potential to unlock innovation for greater humanitarian impact. Through this partnership over the past two years, we have carried out 12 research projects with ETH and EPFL to help ICRC assist the most vulnerable more effectively. As we turn research findings into action, there is much more to come!

Gilles Carbonnier, ICRC Vice President

copyright: CICR


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