January 2024 – December 2024

The Field evaluation of the Agilis project was part of the second Humanitarian Action Challenges (HAC) launched in 2021.

The goal of this HAC research project was to understand how the dynamic prosthetic Agilis foot improves the lives of its future users, through a large-scale field evaluation in Iraq and Cambodia. Existing and newly collected data aimed to assess the performance of the prosthetic foot before committing to heavy investments (manufacturing processes and tools). In both contexts, the Agilis cohort showed a significantly better gait symmetry as indicated by a lower symmetry index (SI) of stance phase duration compared to the SACH cohort, and generally positive feedback from users.

Following the completion of the research phase, the Implementation and Testing-funding will allow to complete the last phase before the product roll-out, including investments in production tools and ISO 10328 certification.

ICRC focal point: Gregory Huot

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